About GVR Networking

GVR is actually Nils Kolstein and from the beautiful country of Holland. I have started this blog to have an outlet onto which I share my thoughts on modern day networking, infrastructure and IT.  Sometimes 140 characters on Twitter is just not sufficient to get my point across and bothering my private circle with my nerdy thoughts on Facebook is also not always an option. At the very  least it is not the audience I intend to reach. Some of my friends meddle with SAP and mobile apps. and they don’t care about networking. It’s just a boring commodity for those guys..

Yours truly


GVR stands for the Dutch words “Grote Vriendelijke Reus” which is translated to ” Big Friendly Giant”. You might know this from the Roald Dahl’s childrens novel. This nickname was given to me by a former co-worker referring to my friendly demeanor and tall appearance (2 meters or 6,56168 feet for the Imperialists among us..) Let’s just say I am happy my employer lets me book Economy Plus seats when traveling abroad.

A short resume

I started out in IT in 1997 at the helpdesk of an upcoming ISP in The Netherlands. When a 28k8 modem was all the rage and the Internet was a place of great goodness. Gentle fawns gamboled there amidst happy, laughing spirits. The sounds of innocence and joy filled the air. And when it rained, it rained sweet nectar that infused one’s heart with a desire to live life in truth and beauty. (thanx to David Lynch for the Twin peaks reference here..)

After a few years of helping people online I transferred to a sort of sysadmin job supporting the last remains of a X.25 network after which I entered the brave new world (at least for me..) of IP in 2000. And here we are, 17 years later. I am now employed at a vendor independent knowledge crazy networking company called Routz. Together with 160 other colleagues we provide knowledge services in the world of networking from a position of curiosity, independence and a intrinsic motivation to learn everything there is in networking. And most importantly help our clients with this knowledge.

Current state

I work at Routz as a lead engineer / business consultant. Depending on the role I have with my clients I can adapt into a more engineer-type role or more architect/consultant role. What’s in a name anyway. My current expertise is routing and switching with a tendency to get myself involved in datacenter related projects. I consider myself pretty broadly oriented. I can have an architectural discussion and throw in some TOGAF acronyms but at the same time descent to the lower levels of Cisco NX-OS.

I am a big advocate of knowledge sharing within my own company and I hope to post some insights on how that works out (or doesn’t..). After finishing high school I kind of rolled into IT and I picked up a parttime Bachelor of Engineering study 15 years later. I did my thesis on knowledge management and so this topic kind of stuck with me during my career.

Odds and ends

When not meddling with networking or contemplating life, the universe and everything I also am a father of three kids and I have a passion for running and aviation. The latter is manifested in another website: GVR Aviation


Twitter @nilskolstein