Work/life balance

After reading this thread at Reddit I I thought about work/life balance and I want to share some of the lessons I learned during the years that helped me achieving some sort of healthy balance.  And with the imminent birth of my third child being there for my wife and kids is all the more important.


First of all, I love what I do.. But at the same time I try to make sure the bad stuff which comes along with it is minimized to the max. That is one of the reasons I chose to work for a consultancy/contracting firm. I maximize the opportunities I have to work for a wide range of clients and minimize all the corporate BS that sometimes come with it.


Communication is key. Not only to your employer or client, but also to your wife, friends or family. I do engage in professional activities outside of normal working hours and sometimes this does take its toll on my private life. I try to check my schedule and that of my wife at the start of each week so we know if we have some special stuff going on. Sometimes I cancel after work activities as to be with my family.

If you think you need help, ask for it. I have struggled too long, wasted too many sleepless nights to try to solve stuff myself.. There are no stupid questions. No one is perfect. As an introvert it is sometimes hard to reach out, but I am getting better at it.

Choose or be chosen

This comes back to the first statement regarding passion. Passion also means focus. Saying “no” is also an answer. Especially when working for clients or freelance there seems to a tendency to say “yes” to everything as to not damage your own or your companies reputation. Well, if reputation is your problem then saying “yes”will definitely hurt it and get you into a world of pain.

Work out

I need exercise to keep me sane. I’m not one of those “I run to clear my mind” types. On the contrary, I think a lot when I’m jogging, but when I get home after a 10K run I somehow feel better and more positive.